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The point of meat shield is to absorb the majority of the damage and casualty, while keeping your higher tier units intact. I having been googling a lot and I have only found pages like. Start by building out your primary troop type before working on others.
Number of Tier 11 (Power:87) Troops (Ruthless Night Striker, Ruthless Medic Marine, Ruthless Raven Jet, Ruthless Hidden Sharpshooter, Ruthless Tracer, Ruthless Titan, Ruthless Bruiser, Ruthless Rocket Trooper, Ruthless Bushmaster). Is to build a certain amount of troop types that can hold stand no matter the attack. However, consider mixing in a few T3 artillery units can be helpful once you have unlocked them. Number of Tier 12 (Power:93) Troops (Glorious Forward Recon, Glorious Huntsmen, Glorious Grizzly, Glorious Sergeant, Glorious Wild Thing, Glorious Annihilation, Glorious Marauders, Glorious Colonel, Gorious Outlaw). However, the only consider is that Infantry has higher load but relatively slower marching speed, and Armored Vehicle has smaller load but faster marching speed. The reason is that the win/loss. Please note that this guide is written for beginner and intermediate players, most advanced players might not find this guide useful.
Use Lower Tier Units mobile strike force app to Absorb any wounded or death in both Attack and Defense. Mobil Strike is a win /loss of power and not. If you have any feedback or suggestions then please let me know. Number of Tier 2 (Power:3 Traps (Anti Tank Mine, Auto Turret, Electric Fence, Land Mine, Missile Battery, Missile Turret, Mounted Gun, Spider Mine, Tank Turret). Number of Tier 7 (Power:30 Traps (Blade Glaive, Camo Drone, Chain Gun, Hydra Turret, Laser Turret, Modular Turret, Sentry Turret, Spike Pit, Spiked Snare).

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Advanced troops start out as weaker units than your regular troops because of lesser boosts from research and commander skills. Below is a quick cheat sheet of the troop advantage and their corresponding unit names. Gear for, combat The Best Mods for, combat Research and Building. Then you can send out subsequent waves targeting the rest of the troop types. Home / Tools, here you will find our ever growing list of Mobile Strike calculators and tools.

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Your goal is to protect your high tier units from mobile strike force vehicle killed at all. Mobile Strike, tools including Troop Training. Waiting for long timers and bored? Number of Tier 1 (Power:1 Traps (Barricade, Barriers, Sand Bag). Number of Tier 11 (Power:90 Traps (Ruthless Demolisher Turret, Ruthless Lookout Tower, Ruthless Nova mobile strike force 2 Beam, Ruthless Plasma Coil, Ruthless Pressure Mine, Ruthless Razor Wire, Ruthless Signal Jammer, Ruthless Tracking Turret, Ruthless Trap Blades). Calculator, T4, calculator and. If so, I would love a link. To summarize this guide:.

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But as your base advances further, it becomes essential to train and use Advanced Troops. Game of War, clash of Kings, vikings: War of Clans. Nerf refers to a modification in mobile strike battle calculator the combat engine that causes a severe. The general idea is that you want 90 of your march size to be based on the strongest tier unit that you have, then you scale down and mix in lower tier units.

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For example, if the enemy has 100k Infantry, 150k Tactical, and 200k Armored Vehicle, you want to send out a force purely consisted of Infantry, in hopes of completely wiping out enemys Armored Vehicles during that mobile strike force wave. Mobile Strike website without a Nerf, calculator. Below are some of the mixes that you can potentially create.

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Number of Tier 2 (Power:8) Troops (Machine Gunner, Commando, Armored Vehicle, Grenadier, Ghosts, Cobras, Watchers, Recon, Goliath Tanks). In addition, the advice mentioned for this post will be focused on the solo deployment aspect of the game, meaning that you do not attack with others in a rally. Nerf, calculator for, mobile Strike to mobile strike commercial actress find out whether the nerf applies to your troops. For example, if your enemy is mainly Infantry, you want your T1 meatshield to be Tactical. Mobile Strike (You pay the same amount, we get 1 of that amount to help fund the site if packs are bought within 24 hours).
Number of Tier 6 (Power:72) Artillery (Goliath, Missile Artillery, Infinity Cannon). Infantry Tactical Armored InfantryInfantry: Soldier Machine Gunner Rocket Infantry DemolitionsTactical: Scout Commando Ranger DeltaArmored Vechile: Patrol Vehicle Armored Vehicle LAV Tank Marching Waves and Troop Selection When you are tackling opposing bases with balanced troop types, always use the troop that you have advantage. Wasp, Ascendant Veteran, Ascendant Phantasm, Ascendant. Is there a working battle calculator for mobile strike? Troop Advantage and Combat Strategy When you are attacking, always take into consider the specialization of your enemy. Number of Tier 4 (Power:48) Artillery (Rocket Artillery, Missile System, Rocket Storm). Troop Training, calculator for, mobile Strike to plan your troop training resource and speed up requirements ahead and to determine whether you can win a troop. Especially when the KE is scored by the amount of power destroyed.
Number of Tier 13 (Power:120 Traps (Exalted Colossus Turret, Exalted HK Drone, Exalted Multi Turret, Exalted Nova Barrier, Exalted Nova Mines, mobile strike commercial cast Exalted Nova Turret, Exalted Protection Turret, Exalted SAM Launcher, Exalted Savage Turret). T1 or T2 Meat shield and Hospital Bed Consideration With meat shield and taking incoming attacks, your hospital beds can become an issue. A, mobile Strike website. Number of Tier 13 (Power:99) Troops (Exalted Breachers, Exalted Seekers, Exalted Chopper, Exalted Ghost, Exalted Sniper, Exalted Elite Bikers, Exalted Recon Scout, Exalted Lone Wolf, Exalted Condor Jet). With your second wave, you can send out pure Armored vehicles to wipe out enemys tactical forces.

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