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They cannot shield while they hold your commander, leaving your attacker open to a well timed attack from someone else in your alliance (set an ambush, have heavy players teleport in). Lets take a look at what troops can do for you. Hero research grants the ability to attack specific monsters on the map, similar to the. You can unlock new types of troops as you research from the Academy.
The essence of a good trap base is deception. Level 10 Hero Attack I grants the player an additional.8 attack boost. Ensure your own power remains as low as possible. Research allows the user to upgrade specific areas of their empire, troops or hero through the use of the academy building. Rush your HQ to 15 and unlock them as soon as you can. Good Warehouse: Ive found this useful, particular when playing a lower level trap account. Hero Attack II is even better, and the initial study rewards a 3 attack boost. Complete Shooting Range stages faster with Autoplay! Then building a trap base may be for you! Further down the line with an academy level 16, the player has the option to research. Hero Attack I Level Requirements 1 Unknown mobile strike rebel attack gear 2 Academy.5 Stone: 13,000 Food: 20,000 Silver: 23,000 Ore: 13,000 3 Academy.7 Stone: 33,000 Food: 50,000 Silver: 53,000 Ore: 33,000 4 Academy.9 Stone: 83,000 Food: 125,000 Silver: 122,000 Ore. State events without building a massive base? Max Energy Limit I Level Requirements 1 Academy.9 Monster Mastery Level 3 Wood: 5,000 Stone: 5,000 Silver: 10,000 Food: 8,000 2 Academy.9 Wood: 13,000 Stone: 13,000 Silver: 23,000 Food: 20,000 3 Unknown 4 Unknown 5 Unknown 6 Unknown 7 Academy.
The first level of Hospital Healing Speed only reduces the heling timer by 1, however by level 10 the player can expect a massive reduction rate. Check out our guide doing maximum damage with a trap account! The details will vary depending on what buildings, troops, and equipment / materials are available to you. Become an action hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new game of modern war - Mobile Strike! 10 March Speed. Lots of Hospitals: Invest in building up your hospitals inside the wall; this is a key means of preserving your troops in the event of an attack. Retrieved from " ".

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This page includes a lot of tables and information, it is recommended to use the contents guide to find what you are looking for. They all have their advantages against a certain type. I have 21 level 15 farms and a 991 boost to food production. Information, supports, family Sharing, up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. The majority of the game in the beginning has been all about building, building and more building. You may consider building high level resource buildings (and others) to accelerate your progress towards high level troops and then destroying them to reduce your overall power. Fandom in: Hero, Research, comments (9 share, for other information, see, hero. This gives me an hourly income of 1,373,000 food, enough to support over 450,000 T3 troops. Troop Defense I Level Requirements 1 Academy.19 Hero Attack.8 Hero Attack Streak.8 Energy Cost Reduction.8 Monster Mastery Level 5 Wood: 8,500 Silver: 15,000 Food: 12,500 Stone: 8,500 Ore: 8,500 2 Unknown.

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16 Stone: 2,080,000 Food: 3,750,000 Silver 2,530,000 Ore: 2,080,000 9 Academy. By level 10, the mobile strike rebel gear set player is rewarded an additional.8 attack bonus for their hero, beginning at Academy level. Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower - Command 16 types of troops with 4 lethal tiers - Clash with rival alliances rule the world. This research can be begun at academy level. Energy Recovery, energy Recovery helps the hero regenerate energy faster, allowing the player to attack more monsters more frequently.

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Mastering Mobile Strike: Trap Bases, want a simple way to get major points in state. Games, basketball Stars, games, patience - Solitaire, games. You get access to Tier 2 troops mobile strike troop academy level 16 with a level 8 research lab; this is enough to sting an opponent. This research increases the liklihood of a hero mobile strike attack resources dealing a critical hit for each attack on a monster. 15 Wood: 1,330,000 Stone: 1,330,000 Silver: 1,470,000 Food 1,950,000 8 Academy.

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Unsinkable Trap Account (Level 8 9 This is a basic trap account but takes full advantage of several quirks in the games leveling system. T2, Missile mobile strike troop academy level 16 Launcher, 2, 16,. Trap accounts can be built throughout the game. 19 Wood: mobile strike t4 resources mobile strike free resources 8,300,000 Stone: 8,300,000 Silver: 7,800,000 Food: 12,200,000 10 Unknown Max Energy Limit II Level Requirements 1 Academy.16 Troop Defence.1 Troop Attack.1 Wood: 8,500 Stone: 8,500 Silver: 15,000 Food: 12,500 2 Unknown 3 Unknown. The first level of Troop Attack only increases their attack stat by 1, but by level 10 the player can expect a nice defense boost.5. Mobile Strike Trap Bases How To Build a Trap Base. Trap Account Design, minimize visible power this means limiting investment in non-essential buildings and research.

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21 Wood: 13,000,000 Silver: 27,500,000 Food: 23,500,000 Ore: 13,000,000 Maximum Energy Limit Maximum Energy Limit increases the total amount of energy the Hero can have at any mobile strike resources hack given time. 17 Hero Critical Hit. Mobile Strike Troop Training Guide. 19 5,200,000 5,200,000 5,200,000 9,400,000 10 Unknown 13,000,000 13,000,000 13,000,000 23,500,000 Energy Recovery II Level Academy Original Time Hero Attack Streak Wood Stone Silver Food / XP / Power XP Power 1 Unknown 2 Academy 5 Hero Attack Streak. The first level of Trap Defense only increases their defense stat mobile strike unlimited resources by 1, but by level 10 the player can expect a nice defense boost of 131.
Focused Research: Mobile strike gives you a large variety of topics to research. The first level of Troop Defense only increases their attack stat by 1, but by level 10 the player can expect a nice defense boost.5. Once your Academy hits certain levels, you will unlock stronger troops. Well designed trap accounts can ignore many of them.

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