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The stretched vehicle can accommodate seven personnel, including four crew members, driver, gunner and commander. Since May 2011, Textron Marine Land Systems has received orders for a total of 634 vehicles to-date. Textron won a 333 million contract for up to 255 mobile strike force vehicles plus related hardware and services, the.S. Image courtesy of the US Army. 621 msfvs, based on Textron Systems commando Select armored vehicle line, have been delivered to the Afghan National Army (ANA) since 2012, with over 550 of these vehicles actively engaged in security operations in strategic locations across the country. Variants edit The following variants are known to be in production/service: 17 Command Control Recovery Vehicle (Each ASV can flat tow another ASV or hmmwv ) Reconnaissance Surveillance Target Acquisition (rsta) Ambulance Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV, alternate name.
Army Tank-Automotive Armaments Command (tacom) began fielding msfvs for the ANAs Defense and Security Forces in February 2012. The msfv is equipped with an enhanced survivability (ES) package, which offers a high-degree of protection for the occupants. Media Contact: Ashlyn Brodeur, textron Systems (978) 657-2020, about Textron Inc. Armored combat vehicles experts at Textron Systems will build as many as 255 Mobile Strike Force Vehicles (msfv) and vetronics. Buttoned up, the crew has 360 visibility. The manufacturing facilities have since been rebuilt and expanded to five buildings and personnel have more than doubled. Army Military Police during the Vietnam War, 9 whose duties often consisted of providing armed escort for wheeled convoys.

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For more information click here or contact us: emea: ; Americas: ; Asia Pacific: or via email. Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (msfv). The armor is angled presenting no vertical surfaces, deflecting many rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) hits. In addition to OJT vehicle repair and maintenance training, Textron Systems will continue mentoring and training the ANA on inventory and supply system activities, as well as developing and delivering program instruction manuals. The vehicle is primarily used.S. The Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (msfv) is a family of 4x4 armored vehicles, initially developed by Textron. The sale was pending review by the US government in February 2017. Vice President of Integrated Supply Chain Brian Doherty discusses the importance of placing the.

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The cost of the contract is not-to-exceed.2m and the deliveries are scheduled to conclude by October 2013. 6 In 1993, the military had to fight through Mogadishu in unarmored Humvees, leading to the development of up-armored models. The Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (msfv) is a 4x4 armoured vehicle developed by Textron Marine Land Systems for the Afghanistan National. Textron Systems has decades of keeping assets operational and personnel expertly trained and over five million hours working side-by-side with our troops in combat. The msfv is being produced in three variants, including the msfv armoured personnel carrier (APC) fitted with the standard 40mm/.50 calibre machine-gun turret, an APC with objective gunner protection kit (ogpk) and a raised hull ambulance variant. Army military police units. The Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (msfv) is a 4x4 armored vehicle that was developed by Textron Systems Marine Land Systems for the. The Iraqis also have modified some of their ASVs to accommodate an anti-air turret.

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The, m1117 Guardian, also denoted, armored Security Vehicle aSV is an internal security vehicle based on the, v-100 and V-150 Commando series of armored cars. With the adoption of the M1117 as the Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (msfv) by the Afghan National Army. The ASV uses an advanced modular expandable armor package from IBD Deisenroth Engineering, consisting of ceramic composite applique on the exterior and spall liner on the interior. The plant that produces the vehicles is located in New Orleans and was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

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Six ASVs can enplane on a C-17, fully loaded and ready to roll off. In 2015 Textron Systems rebranded the M1117 as the commando family of vehicles, bringing back the name of the. Up-armored hmmwvs were not designed to be armored cars like the M1117, which are designed to withstand hits from small arms, mines and rockets in front-line combat units. 20 The new armament was also fitted with a single-baffle muzzle brake and concentric hydro-spring recoil mechanism as standard to reduce the pressure exerted on the relatively light chassis.

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"Army National Guard FY2012 Financial Report" (PDF). Read more 03/22/2018, creating a Why Through Employee Engagement. The Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (msfv) is a new 44 armoured vehicle developed by Textron Marine Land Systems for the Afghanistan National Army (ANA. The SSC can traverse snow, marsh, ice, tundra and sand with unmatched versatility. The msfv variants with a standard turret can be mounted with 40mm grenade machine gun / 50 calibre machine gun and a smoke grenade launcher.
General Defence Staff of Bulgaria had put a requirement for an additional 30 units to the Parliament in 2008, only 10 were delivered in addition to 7 already present. As an end-to-end solutions provider, Textron Systems also offers customers vehicle fielding, training, maintenance and logistics support services throughout each vehicles life cycle. The M1117 Guardian, also denoted Armored Security Vehicle (ASV is an internal security. See how we got.

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