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If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment. Adding the Divine Green Mamba Augment set is mobile strike building guide useful on any type of gear, giving a high amount of Attack, Armor Piercing, and Defense. Defense, latest Release: Divine Dreadnought's Gear, construction.
Another expensive tree, but its worth it to make it down to Troop Defense III, Troop Health II and Troop Attack II level. Best Mobile Strike Strategy and Walkthrough. As for training youll want the following: Building Development, open the tree down to get Death Row bonus to level 1, after that it starts to get expensive. Youll also get a Preset in this tree which youll want two. Trap Building, latest Release: Divine Drill Sergeant's Gear. The goal is to survive, not beat them in power loss. Mobile Strike (You pay the same amount, we get 1 of that amount to help fund the site if packs are bought within 24 hours). Latest Release: Tank Commander's Gear, research, latest Release: Innovator's Gear.
Come back to this once youve maxed out Combat/Advance Combat trees. Your other preset is useful to create an attacking set, with Wolf or your best attack gear set. Armored Vehicle Attack.3 Armored Vehicle Defense.3 Troop Attack Bonus.5 Troop Health Bonus. Background, edit, commander Gear have changed a lot since the game was first released. It gets a little mobile strike building power expensive towards the end, so stop at Accessory Slot 2 if you havent reached level 15 in Combat and Commander training yet. Then on every interior building that allows a boost get the boost over 10 at a minimum.

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Research Gear falls under economics and has a maximum of 100. Your Question, please give as much detail as possible. Mobile Strike Guide - Tools, Tips and Strategies for the game Mobile Strike. Next up traps, build about 90k sand bags and then spread the rest evenly across T3 Reg and Adv traps.

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Important notes about the Warlord Gear set for traps and rally leads : It is far more important for rally leads to mobile strike building strategy get the gear as high as possible. The stats from level 24 to the new level 24 have continued to build on the new attributes like Corrosive, Overpower and Indestructible. Latest Release: Divine Constructor's Gear, training, latest Release: Divine Drill Sergeant's Gear. For traps, the benefit is much smaller. Indestructible Defense (which is now the most important stats for traps) never increases. Make a preset, and survive. In addition they are also covering Nuclear Attack which is a totally new variable in the. If you would like to receive an email to let you know if/when we have added this question to the site please enter your email address. Come back for Slot 3 before pushing too far into Battle Tactics and Building Development.

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An overview of all the best gear for each boost type available in mobile strike building swap Mobile Strike. Get all the Defense/Attack/Health nodes to mobile strike indestructible defense gear at least level 15 for a 150 boost. However, you will notice that the Indestructible Defense (which is now the most important stats for traps) never increases. Mobile Strike by Epic War LLC. Youll pick up a preset and deployment slot on the way, and youll need TWO presets at a minimum. Gear Types, edit, there are many different types of gear in the game, but most of the new gear focus on the offensive and defensive capabilities of one's base with exceptions been the training and construction gears. If you want to experiment with having T2 troops then make T2 traps instead of T3 or the T3 taps wont trigger unless all your T2 troops are dead. Mobile Strike has recently launched a new version on the Divine Conqueror mod. On the weapon, you can see the number '4'. Mod Set Bonus, is very very expensive, but get Infantry/Tactical/Armored nodes to 1 for a bare minimum Mod Set Bonus.

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You are not registered / logged. Mobile Strike released a new gear set the Warlord Gear Set. Combat, same as Advanced Combat. This mobile strike indestructible defense gear new set absolutely obliterates all previous versions of gear, even at base level. This new set absolutely obliterates all previous versions of gear, even at base level. Commander, somewhat expensive tree but worth the investment.

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If you want to build mobile strike avatar boosts a trap for the sole purpose of killing troops then make a level 14 base, dump about 30m T2 troops into it with some def gear on the commander and sit back and watch the fireworks. Rain punishment from above with Divine Judgment Defense Gear! You want your power score high, preferable over 20 or youll run the risk of losing too many T3 troops and burning. Take in steps, get them all over 5 then 10, then 15 etc.
14 training grounds, 2 hospitals, 1 bank. A newer mobile strike avatar version of Judgment Gear, it provides trillions.5T Overpowered Attack, 1B Indestructible Defense. Find this website useful? These include: Attack, latest Release: Divine Dreadnought's Gear. Writer for Mobile Strike Guide, avid gamer, and computer nerd. If you know more good facts on how to beat rallies that should be added to the list, please feel free to leave a comment below. This is the best bang for your buck for RSS.
The 4th mod is whats required to activate the Mod Set bonus. However, you will notice that the. One day I hope to rule with an iron fist as a chancellor. However, Research Gear is maxed at set level. So why two presets?

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