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Dont be that guy. When the game was first released, they was a lot of low level sets which all serve different purposes, like trap building, training, defense and attack to name a few. Waiting for long timers and bored? A players power level and scouting the base is among the ways you can make sure if your opponent can be safely attacked.
This also put the commander at risk, both on the tile and while they is returning. Unless youre in the middle of an all-out war or state kill event, check your state rules before attacking another player on a tile. It is generally suggested that you do not use high mobile strike mod combinations level mods in low level gear as replacing cheap equipment with better counterparts is inevitable. Mobile, strike is a mobile strategy game that. The higher the gears rarity then the better the boost it provides, albeit it is a lot more difficult to manufacture. As time went on, Mobile Strike added a lot of extra additions to the gear which includes Set Gear Levelling, Enhancements, Augments and Mods. Failure to do so will result in a collision and thus a battle.

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Also you should only insert mods that match the gears boosts. The number one site for. Mobile Strike depends on many factors like troop type, army size, equipment, and the commander level. Once your email is confirmed tap log out then start a new game. The Right Farming Team, since your troops are at risk outside the wire, be careful about who you send out there. The ability to demolish buildings for free allows different kinds of layouts that fulfill different purposes. Commander have changed a lot since the game was first released. Outside the walls are the plots for your resource-generating structures. This means you will need to farm tiles.

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Respect The Hive: mobile strike mod pairing Generally speaking, avoid farming tiles immediately adjacent to another base or located close to an alliance hive. There are around 20 mods available. Discover the best gear for, war, Research. Send the resources produced by these secondary bases to your primary account. For more guidance, check out our guides. Best, gear, solo Attack. Useful Research and Gear: As of this writing, there are a couple of research skills and items that are particularly useful: Economics Research (Gathering) applies to all deployments.

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These can help give you a bump at key moments. The best reason to get off the. Construction gear boosts the build time of your structures. Regular resource tiles also will provide you with resources, although these tend to be relatively generic (for basic gear).

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New: Check out our guide doing maximum damage with a trap account! Gear Types, edit, there are many different types of mobile strike best gear for gathering gear in the game, but most of the new gear focus on the offensive and defensive capabilities of one's base with exceptions been the training and construction gears. An overview of all gear available in, mobile. Mobile Strike (You pay the same amount, we get 1 of that amount to help fund the site if packs are bought within 24 hours). Augments can only be installed on weapons mobile strike best gear for gathering and this has to be researched before augments can be used to its maximum potential. The level of the headquarters. Gathering, resources and Materials! You can obtain mods through alliance gifts, winning challenges, and in daily rewards. The presence of a commander and the gear equipped.

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Aside from using another mobile phone you can create as many accounts as you want with just one device. You are viewing the best hero gear currently available. Latest Release: Tank Commander's Gear, research, latest Release: Innovator's Gear. In the early phases of the game you can simply rely mobile strike mods on the power level.
However, Research Gear is maxed at set level. Alternative Sources of Resources Materials. Are you creating the best gear to use for your commander. We have the sortable and mobile strike mod set filterable list just for you.

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