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The points to increase mobile strike apk download unlimited gold levels seem to be 7200 for level 2, 24000 for level 0 for level 4 (I have not reached higher yet). Below is a list of buildings and their associated strategies in the game. As you get into end game however, you converge into the same strategy of constant peace shielding for protection. Necessary to save your troops while base being burned.
HQ 1619: Same as Above, Substitute Banks with Hospitals if you have spec commander as Troop training. The latest Tweets from Mobile Strike MobileStrike ). Detailed Explanation, the game introduced quite some new concepts. The only exception to this rule is that you can potentially setup more hospitals, get burned, and complete power increase challenges through troop healing. To some extend this doesn't really matter, you still want to upgrade your building to the highest level you plan to reach before using your Building Boost Modifier Points, but this is no reason to favor spending your Building Boost. Below is a list of buildings and their associated strategies in the game. For higher Building XP Levels on averahe you will get higher Multiplier values, while the Base Boost seems to be totally random irrespective of the Building XP Level. Some experiments have pointed out that around levels 14-16 you start to have a good chance at getting multipliers around 8, while only at the highest level (23) you will have a chance at the max level. NEW feature: Unlock the Gateway to build a whole new Base in the Mech War Dimension! The Total Boost you get is made up by a Base Boost and a Multiplier, for both randomness plays a large role. Other Important Buildings: Hall of Hero, Warehouse (non-cash player War Room, Research Facility. The, building XP Levels have an influence on the Multiplier (not on the Base Boost).
The, total Boost is a multiplication of the Base Boost Amount and the Multiplier. Advanced Troop Attack Bonus, troop Attack Bonus 5,000.0 Embassy Advanced Troop Attack Bonus Troop Attack Bonus 1,000.0 Hall of Heroes Advanced Troop Health Bonus Troop Health Bonus 1,000.0 Headquarters Advanced Troop Attack Bonus Troop Attack Bonus 10,000. HQ 1114: 6 Training Grounds, Rest in Banks, (Substitude Banks for 12 Hospitals If you are in a combat frequent state). Mobile Strike is being offered as a free TO play game and is offered as Rated E - ages. They cannot be purchased in the Store though. Consider to quickly speed up your HQ levels until you reach 14, build up your troops and push for level.

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This Additional Building XP modifier influence how much Building XP you get when you use Building Boost Modifier points. This is key to earn more rewards at lower level where you have lower level commanders skills who can provide the heavy lifting in troop training bonus. You will see a list of gear categories. The maximum level is reported to be lvl 24, although there seems to be some bug that causes a jump from level 20 to 23, skipping levels 21 and. Please help us by opening this app store link first! You should consistently ghost rally to protect a portion of your troops. This Mobile Strike base layout strategy is written for players who spend little. Although this building requires Embassy, but you will most likely be constrained by Tactical Manual. Experiment Find below the results of one experiment I did assigning a number of points to one building listing the results of each step.

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Buying packs in the next 24 hours? Each of the buildings now have their own. To succeed in, mobile Strike you will have to eventually manufacture equipment that will give your. Note the number in means that they are requirement for specific HQ upgrade level. How Do Building Boost Modifiers Work? As far as I know these Boost Rescues are only available in packs. In case anyone gets higher boosts, or knows the maximum of the other buildings, please let us know in the comment section. Want to upgrade a building you will want your commander decked out head to toe in construction gear. But heres a good blue print to get started. So there might be more of a relationship between the XP you get and the times you donate points, not the amount mobile strike apk mod zippyshare of points you donate.

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Game of War, clash of Kings. See the mobile strike apk windows 10 Building Boost Modifier Data Overview for all the data I have collected so far relating to this feature. Death Row, infantry Attack, Armored Vehicle Attack, Tactical Attack, Artillery Attack. During the game progression and building, you should keep all of your important buildings, as well the buildings required for the HQ upgrades. However this can be more complicated to execute. See below a list of all boosts associated with the buildings as far as I have seen them. The way this is presented in the game is a bit misleading in my eyes. Hall of Heroes, commander. As you gain more experience into the game, you may have specific mobile strike apk mod strategies that deal with alliances cooperation, PvP, and Trapping.

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The higher the level of your building the higher the XP Modifier for that building, this influences how much the Building XP Point increase when you use mobile strike apk mobile strike advanced troops Building Boost Modifiers. List of Building Boosts. This would seem to imply it is best to spend your Building Boost Modifier points on different buildings and once every building has some boost, spend it on the building with the lowest boost each time. Secondary Building: Armory Armory is really only useful when you are manufacturing commander gears, and it is a requirement to level up your wall. Each building has its own, minimum Building Boost Modifiers Points, you can only use points on that building in batches of that specific amount. Bank, infantry Health, Armored Vehicle Health, Tactical Health, Artillery Health. Hero XP, power, armory, headquarters 26, iron Mine 22, quarry.43T.

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Unlocks, extra Accessory Slot 485,185 945,980, arsenal, headquarters.45M, stone.81M, oil.25M, iron 148.93M Food 1 Arsenal blueprint 100,050 Assembly Bots 287,500,000 Welding Bots 56,100,000 Fabrication Bot d 14:58:00 Active Ammunition Types : 1 All Ammunition Attack : 750,000,000,000,000.0 All. An overview of all buildings available in the game, mobile Strike. Third Tier Building: Prison: Enable you to mobile strike advanced tips capture commanders. The, building Boost Modifiers are your currency for using this feature.
In my eyes the game makers have made this way too complicated to just assign a random relateively small combat boost to a building. Missing: list, must include: list. HQ 2021: At this stage, if your army has grown millions of troops. Once 23 is maxed out, the display changes to 24, and no new XP is awarded. Boost Modifiers in, mobile Strike, how it works. All of the Urban buildings now have a Boost button, which opens a new Building Boost window. Construction Reduction and Prerequisite Unlock, guide for more information.
When adding Building Boost Modifier Points to a building you will get XP points for the building, potentially taking you to the next level. See below a list of all boosts associated with the buildings as far. Contributed by: GamesGuide on August 29, 2016 m (last modified on December 4, 2016). Fourth Tier Building: Embassy This allows you to store reinforcing troops from other players, they are vital during beginning and mid game for smaller non paying players to receive help.

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