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But is it worth the extra cost Conclusions In conclusion, T1, T2 and T3 are relatively similar. Initially in Game of War (which can be considered the predecessor of Mobile Strike) there was no Nerf, which resulted in situations where players defended their base huge amounts of lower tier (tier 1 and 2) troops. Mobile Strike, Mech War, Get an inside view of what levels of Insignia, Mods and Components have dropped for others and how this may or may not affect the strength of your account. Since this only applies for armies with huge amounts of troops, this only applies to armies defending a base. Looking at the other tiers: T3 are 50 mobile strike apk windows 10 stronger than. To put it another way,.5 tier 3 troops are exactly equal to 1 tier 4 troop. .
Org is a fan site created to provide information and strategy for the popular game MobileStrike, we are not affiliated with the company who develops or publishes the game. One of the most frequently asked questions in Mobile Strike is about the nerf rate. Mobile Strike Guide on, facebook. Insignia, defense, the range of insignia levels dropped from packs after combining are blue and green. .

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T2, t3, t4, strength 1 2.5, train Time 15s 30s 60s 120s, heal Time 0 1s 2s 4s, resources Coin Challenge Points Speed 4 3 2 1 Troop Load Healing Rss Now that we know. T2 are double the strength. Nerf, calculator The nerf calculator has been updated to track artillery separately. Troop Stats in Mobile Strike, now lets have a look at the stats of the different troop tiers. If you only have tier 3 and/or tier 4 troops the Nerf will never apply because these both have power higher than 10 per troop. Artillery units have a different power to other. For example: Kills 250k T4 vs 250k T4 21,666 375K.

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T3 x 3, t4.5, these numbers are a good guide of troop strength (they are actually roughly equivalent to the in-game star rating, although t4 should really.5 stars). . Included in this article is a list of the nerf ratios for varying troop tiers but it also shows the math behind those ratios. Most players would guess a lot, especially considering how much more expensive they. Nerf Ratios m Tier:Tier Amount:Amount T2:T3 7:1 T2:T4 13:1 mobile strike apk download T2:T5.5:1 T2:T6.5:1 Note on Artillery and the Nerf Rate As stated above, the nerf formula is entirely based off of troop/trap count to troop/trap power. T1, T2 and T3 are all quite similar in terms of their training time and resource requirements relative to their strength. Nerf, calculator Updated, mobile Strike Guide, mobile strike apk mod update. How you know it was a Nerf hit : Nerf hits remove a flat 25 of the troops.

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The reason the T2:T4 ratio is 13:1 is because 13 T2 104 power 1 T4 36 power, total troop count 14, total troop power 140 140/14 10 which is exactly on the rule. Mobile Strike nerf. Control Point Striker mobile strike apk Mod 107 Level 1 Mods.

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This is implemented as follows: if the average troop power per troop (so the sum of all power of all troops divided by the sum of all troops) is less than or equal to 10 (Nerf Power. Nerf, explanation This rally math article mobile strike nerf guide will show you what the. For the Defenders Defense Insignia, the pre-existing Attack insignia already in account mobile strike nerf guide are more powerful when it comes to not burning.

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Attack, both Attack Insignia turned out green which means 70 for Base Assault Health and 70 for Base Strike Attack. Ive been getting quite a few questions about whether or not there is mobile strike advanced tips a troop nerf in, mobile Strike and how it is calculated. You will save yourself 25 of your mobile strike advanced troops troops.
Typically for Trap Accounts you want to have a low power in which case it is preferred to use lower tier troops rather than higher tier, as the lower tier troops give you a better defense related to the power. You need to know those numbers. For those that have no idea what Im talking about, the nerf is a penalty that is applied to armies with a very large number of low tier troops (specifically tiers 1 and 2). Going back to our previous example lets look at the troop training costs for each scenario: Resources Coin Time 250k T4 687m 125m 116 days 375k T3 169m.8m 87d As mentioned, these two armies are exactly equivalent. Realize that you need to be careful by being close to the nerf limit. Artillery power, per tier of troops : T1 : 4 T2 : 16 T3 : 36 T4 : 48 T5 : 60 T6 : 72 As you can see, this means that you can build an infinite number of T2 artillery and never be nerfed. Mobile Strike uses what is commonly referred to as the. Thats why that ratio was what people always went. Barrier Mod 62 Level 1 Mods.
Tier 2 : Tier.5 T2 140 power 1 T Troop Power.51.5 Troop Count 185/18.5 10 directly on the rule. The only information we really have is the power number associated with them and that can be misleading. Nerf to give a severe disadvantage to players that defend with huge amounts of lower tier troops. Mods, overall, here are the numbers of Level 1 Mods received from one pack.

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