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If you only have tier 4 and tier 2 troops you can have 13 times as many tier 2 troops as tier 4 troops (only considering Infantry, Tactical, Armored Vehicle, no Artillery). 140/14 10 which is exactly on the mobile strike 2018 guide rule. Since there are at least two, Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) principles in the game that we need to handle, we will start by explaining these first. Realize that you need to be careful by being close to the nerf limit. A jumper alliance is an alliance made up of all jumper accounts (likely not from the same state) that will all port to a previously agreed upon state at a given time (usually some months in the future).
This is also the only way at present to join your friends in a different state, as the ability to teleport between states permanently is otherwise unavailable. Troops, you should aim for at least 500k T1 when you teleport to your new state, but a million or more would be even better. The rush to T4: Mobile Strike. You should also note that you can only jump states twice, since you only have two beginners teleports. As I scout around our novice state, I discover more and more why we dont WIN. Commander Goals, you should aim to have your commander at, or as close to level 50 as possible, as this will help speed up researching, construction, troop training, and most importantly, allow you to fill the desired combat. Rules : Get a point for every troop from the other. Those that cant keep their Commander protected, should lose. Since you should first teleport to the state your main account is located in when starting your jumper account build (so that your main account can support your jumper account with resources). Never attack someone who has equal or more power than r some reason people cant get this through their head.
Purgewhat good is a tile purge if 50 of the kingdom leaves troops and commander unprotected? State that is injured (hospitalized) or killed. Details of the Nerf, the idea of the Nerf is that players with huge amoounts of tier 1 and/or tier 2 and relatively few tier 3 and/or tier 4 troops get a severe penalty in combat. Or if you do not know for sure if they have full marches out, you probably shouldnt attack anyone 30m and abovealso, you definitely shouldnt attack a second time because odds are they might heal before your second march arrives Sound familiar? If the nerf limits are the same as in Game of War (limits placed on the combat effectiveness of lower tier troops at a certain numerical cap to discourage people from building only lower tiered troops.

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Once you teleport to your desired state and want to move past headquarters level 5, youll need to knock several of them down for other required buildings. How you know it was. Hell, a lot dont even know defense but they are the first to go out and try to attack during a SVS and almost get zeroed (or get zeroed) by a counter attack in the process. Message to the Council.

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So if you mobile strike 2018 take a rough calculation of how many you can afford to build in each Tier, you should at least build 3 Tiers with all troop types as a minimum of defense like this table shown under. If you are 25m-30m you should be defensively be trapping and earning points. Mobile Strike nerf. Violating the Nerf limit can lead to huge amounts of troop losses, even from solo hits. Since this only applies for armies with huge amounts of troops, this only applies to armies defending a base.

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This is what makes Mobile Strike and excellent strategy game for those who mobile strike free pack like to really understand how battles can be won with an intricate mix of troops and power mobile strike free pack calculations. This rally math article will show you what the. Conclusion, the Nerf is something to be aware about when you have very large amounts of lower tier troops. There are a variety of reason; the most obvious is to make you one of the major power players in mobile strike free accounts the new state right from the start.

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If you only have tier 3 and/or tier 4 troops the Nerf will never apply because these both have power higher than 10 per troop. Knowing the above, we should mobile strike nerf rule be certain that whatever type of troop the opponent attacks us with, we should have the opposite troop type in our defense. Mobile Strike Nerf and how to avoid. If the troop mix and the overall power is very unbalanced between you and you opponent, then its often the case that your base gets wiped. Then on top of that you attack with them. The nerf exist in, mobile Strike and does it follow the same rules as Game of War? Strong players and the game makers were not happy with this, so the Nerf was introduced.

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The following sub-headings will touch on the major points for each aspect of game play. Typically for Trap Accounts you want to have a low power in which case it is preferred to use lower tier troops rather than higher tier, as the lower tier troops give you a better defense related to the power. The nerf limit is calculated based on the troops and traps in your base. Look for Commander XP sales in the gold store, but be careful to spread out purchases so that the price per pack stays lower.
The first strategy is to build a certain amount of troop types that can hold stand no matter the attack. If you are normally close to the limit, having higher tier troops out of your base (e.g. Who cares about first marches, cease fires, and 1 commander limits in preparation for SVS. Traps are considered in the same way as troops, but traps have less power (even tier 4 traps have only power of 5). Results from the Nerf Implementation. When you are reinforcing allies or joining in a rally) can lower the average power of the remaining troops below the critical limit. Why Would You Want a Jumper Account? Note that your base must stay at headquarters level 5 until mobile strike force vietnam pdf you teleport mobile strike free gold to your desired state, otherwise the beginners teleport will no longer function aside from being usable in your current state.
If you see a bit closely, you will notice that the strongest resistance is at top-level minus. To our T4 attackers, if you have artillery and fortification mods in your attack gear, shame on you. Everything you need to know about the. There wont be another chance to teleport states if you change your mind. T7 and Omega forces, for more powerful players with T7 and Omega forces there are some differences from this in context of strategy.

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