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Rules: MP3s will be for personal use only / You may not redistribute them / Delete them from hard disk after 24 hours (If you don't agree, close this window). You will have to check the actual challenge information to learn about. However, avoid pointing on state chats as they can easily seen by spies. Mobile, strike -. Every effective State should implement a purge period roughly 23 hours before the state KE to ensure successful purge. Most advanced and hardcore players might find mobile strike download free this information redundant. The files are not hosted.
Teleport into enemy state and start taking out anyone brave enough to gather. This is usually the start of a new state where 2 or more alliances battle for power and control. Quick review of the reports results of my first Kill Event in Mobile Strike. Game of war trap kill event. Mobile Strike First Kill Event, please leave a like and comment if you like this video thank you for the support go download Mobile Strike on the app store my alliance is LucidDreamers. There are three main ways that a Kill Event may award you with scores. In general, if you are a big or a powerhouse player from a top alliance, your job will simply to kill as many as you can. I recorded some of the rallies and kvk events of the night. You may also want to check out these war games. Commander 3 free equips, combat stat increases of 125 and troop que size. Watch Out for Trap Account Lastly, watch out for trap accounts that are specifically designed to play defensively while landing kills. Health of the State and Corresponding Strategy.
Ruling Alliance with Multiple Smaller Alliances. Make sure that all existing players know their roles and work together. Mobile gaming is the wave of the future. If the players cannot follow the purge schedule, chances are that they are much weaker players who will simply give points away during kill events. Game Of War: Kill Event - Solo Madness - Happy Father Day!

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Rally for Success, there are many cases where you have to fight bases of your same power. Find out how to lure players intoIn this final part of our. Sorry the sound. The game usually announce it on Monday with a coming soon blog post, and finalize the date on a Thursday. Most of the states that you encounter or occupy in go through these three phases. This stage occurs between 3 month to 1 year of the states existence. Psyched Gaming Ped rokem. Mobile strike wear #112 SVS kill event.

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Your goal is to get a net positive gain on the KE points, instead of just to see how much you can destroy. In this final part of our. Please help us mobile strike download by opening this app store link first! Getting Easy Kills for Kill Event Points. The state I am in is 10 months old. This was a 48 hour 4 way SVS. Mobile, strike, trap Account guide, we look at using your account to win state vs state kill events. Losing the control point can give away many points within the span of time.

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Game Of mobile strike kill event War: Merge Kill Event or Purge Kill Event? The reverse is true, you may consider to join the enemy alliance with a fake account so that you can monitor their state chats. Please note that the information. Your goal is to land kills against enemys high tier units because they mobile strike kill event weigh significantly more points than lower tier counter parts. Sometimes enemies can place their shield right before your attack lands, which cause you to lose valuable time.

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However, they all revolve around proper troop composition and playing defensively to achieve higher kill death ratio. Kill, event is one of the mobile strike core gear set most fun event that pit States vs States. Most of the mobile strike core gear set time these stats are worth the loss of skill points down the right. Trying to sabotage one another during a KE can lead to catastrophic results. Game of War, clash of Kings, vikings: War of Clans. The easiest way to get good scores on KE is to look for farming tiles. In this guide, we will go through different key points to help you perform better. Avoid Any Forms of Civil War during Active.

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You will for mobile strike cybernetic rss alliance help sure gain a ton of points and kills if you find enough targets. Mobile, strike, kILL, event, results! Depending on the actual challenge, you may change your strategy a little bit.
But here are general kill event scoring methods. Some More Vids Coming Soon! Random Teleport a small account so it's in the middle of nowhere. Because the time that you have at enemy state territory is limited, consider scout the bases and pinpoint potential kills before you march your troops. I'm still very sick so have set this video to autoupload on friday. Mobile strike kill challenge. Please let us know if we have missed anything!
Communicate and Ask for Help During KE, communicate and use state coord room if there is one. Kill 5 Enemies With Artillery, strike. Consolidated Alliance mobile strike core gear and Dead Population. Fell for a few tricks and trap gear changes.

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