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This is a dangerous proposition, though as Artillery are weak against all troop types. We have added a nerf calculator tool to the site. Number of Tier 13 (Power:156) Artillery (Exalted Mongoose, Exalted Tiger, Exalted Panther).
Top keyword related from Google/Bing/Yahoo of mobile strike guide nerf calculator, mobile strike cybernetic gear load more, top URL related to mobile strike guide nerf calculator. Number of Tier 1 (Power:2) Troops (Soldier, Scout, Patrol Vehicle, Counter Terrorist, Armed Guard, Assault Chopper, Militia, Marksmen, Sentinels). You can use this tool to calculate if your troops are being nerfed due to having too many T1 or T2 troops. Another frequently asked question is about Artillery how do people use it to avoid the nerf?

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Thats the mission Pocket Gems founders began with in an apartment above a pizza shop back in 2009 and we continue it today. Artillery mobile strike cybernetics power, per tier of troops : T1 : 4 T2 : 16 T3 : 36 T4 : 48 T5 : 60 T6 : 72 As you can see, this means that you can build an infinite number of T2 artillery and never be nerfed. Nerf Calculator, tool for, mobile Strike. We strongly recommend you do not use a ratio any other tiers of troops (or Artillery) being added to the ratio will throw it off and you may end up nerfed.

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Number of Tier 6 (Power:57) Troops (Immortal, Assassin, Banshee, Pathfinder, Predator, Reaper, Warden, Rogue, Decimator). Number of Tier 11 (Power:87) Troops (Ruthless Night Striker, Ruthless Medic Marine, Ruthless Raven Jet, Ruthless Hidden Sharpshooter, Ruthless Tracer, Ruthless Titan, Ruthless Bruiser, Ruthless Rocket Trooper, Ruthless Bushmaster). Toggle navigation m mobile - strike. Number of Tier 7 (Power:84) Artillery (Warp Cannon, Heavy Cannon, Hellfire Cannon). Number of Tier 5 (Power:10 Traps (Control Tower, Defense Turret, Energy Field, Plasma Barrier, Plasma Beam, Plasma Mines, Plasma Pylon, Sentry Turret, Spider Drone). Number of Tier 5 (Power:60) Artillery (Rocket Barrage, Ion Cannon, Laser Artillery). Number of Tier 8 mobile strike cybernetic (Power:45 Traps (Auto Defense Turret, Command Tower, Desert Spikes, Hedgehog, Laser Matrix, Marauder Mine, Orbital Satellite, Titan Cannon, Turret System). VIP 1-160; Building Upgrade Levels 23-25. Only show decks I can create.

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This means that even a march with no Commander in it can trigger a nerf hit it just has to kill one troop to start the nerf cascade. Number of Tier 10 (Power:75 Traps (Prime Aerial Gunner, Prime Ambush Minigun, Prime Camouflage, Prime Concealed Missiles, Prime Gatling Cannon, Prime Laser Spire, Prime Punji Pit, Prime Spring Spikes, Prime Surprise Saw). The tool updates in realtime as you type in the numbers. They take little damage from. Domain: m, link: mobile strike nerf calculator t13 p?t729222, description: Mar 14, 2014 Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide (Ships, Components, Crew, Tips) mobile strike cybernetic troops Galactic Starfighter. Number of Tier 11 mobile strike cheap packs (Power:90 Traps (Ruthless Demolisher Turret, Ruthless Lookout Tower, Ruthless Nova Beam, Ruthless Plasma Coil, Ruthless Pressure Mine, Ruthless Razor Wire, Ruthless Signal Jammer, Ruthless Tracking Turret, Ruthless Trap Blades). Nerf Calculator for, mobile Strike to find out whether the nerf applies to your troops. You need to know those numbers. Number of Tier 14 (Power:105) Troops (Ascendant Champion, Ascendant Mimic, Ascendant Duo Blaster, Ascendant Fighter, Ascendant Shade, Ascendant Wasp, Ascendant Veteran, Ascendant Phantasm, Ascendant Battle Buggy).

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Tier 1 : 2 power, tier mobile strike commanders quarters 2 : 8 power, tier 3 : 24 power. Number of Tier 9 (Power:60 Traps (Circular Blades, Harpoon Cannon, Quad Cannon, Reinforced Barricade, Seeker Drone, Sonic Laser, Spike Trap, mobile strike cheats download Spiked Claymore, Surveyor Drone). Simply enter troop and mobile strike class action lawsuit traps numbers for each tier and the tool will do the nerf calculation for you. The reason the T2:T4 ratio is 13:1 is because 13 T2 104 power 1 T4 36 power, total troop count 14, total troop power 140 140/14 10 which is exactly on the rule.

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Number of Tier 3 (Power:24) Troops (Rocket Infantry, Ranger, LAV, Patroller, Spec Ops, Raptor Jet, Spectre, Specialist, Reaper Drone). Nerf Calculator Nerf, tool for, mobile Strike. Text mobile strike cheats for kindle fire link: Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide (Ships, Components.
They will continue to remove 25 of the troops until the target is no longer nerfed. Number of Tier 2 (Power:8) Troops (Machine Gunner, Commando, Armored Vehicle, Grenadier, Ghosts, Cobras, Watchers, Recon, Goliath Tanks). Use this tool to calculate if your troops will be nerfed or not. Domain: t, link: description: Lethality operative is a damage-over-time melee damage class that offers the best single target sustained dps and great versatility in most other scenarios. Number of Tier 4 (Power:36) Troops (Demolitions, Delta, Tank, Guardians, Paratroopers, Bomber, Enforcers, Covert Ops, Gunships).

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